Thursday, May 22, 2008

College Essay

I frowned as the candles flickered in front of my face. It was my birthday - but I wasn’t happy. My baby sister just learned how to walk. My parents were all over her with a bunch of kisses and hugs. She had everyone’s attention. I tried to hold back what was coming, but I couldn’t. I felt the hot tears trickle down my cheeks. What happened? It was my birthday. Wasn’t I supposed to be the center of attention? Wasn’t I supposed to be the star? It was my special day, my day to shine not hers. I looked over at my baby sister. She stole my attention, and she didn’t even know it. “Sisters”, I choked under my breath.
Growing up with three sisters around your age is quite a challenge. Especially if one is just 11 months older while the other is 11 months younger. People may view many sisters as a curse. Others view it as a blessing. I like to view it as both. The huge bonus of having sisters is the fact that they are like diaries. I confide my secrets with them, secrets I dare not tell my parents. Writing in a diary releases stress and anger, just like if I’m mad over something, I’ll run to my sisters for help. They are always there with open arms. Rarely will they turn me down, even if they are mad or short on time, they always listen.
Of course there are always downsides to everything. Having sisters is no exclusion. Waking up some days I do sometimes wish to be an only child. I often find myself wondering what it would be like too. I remember a day when I was about 10 or so, I got so mad at my sister I didn’t even want to call her my sister anymore. I wanted a blood test to be done. She was a stranger, a foreigner, an outsider. I was positive she was not my biological sister. I thought for so long about how was it possible for us to be sisters. We were so different in many aspects. When report card day came, my always sister received high honor roll while I received mostly C’s. My sister loves shopping and trying on new clothes, I absolutely abhor it. The question stuck to me like glue for quite some time. Trying to detect the answer was like trying to discover the cure for cancer – it was hard. I came to understand later that life comes with many obstacles to face; my sister was one of those obstacles.

In a family of sisters, often times I did feel flustered. While my sisters strive with successful grades, I often struggled with mine. They were the center of my parents’ attention while I lingered behind. These situations always stirred up tension. I was jealous of my sisters, I will admit that.

They achieved so much when it came to academics and sports. While my life felt unfilled. As years passed, I still often do find myself in the shadows, but I try not to let the intimidation affect me.

As time goes on, I have learned from my mistakes, and many other valuable life lessons. I learned nothing should come between my sisters and me. I was wrong for being jealous of my sisters. After all, it was my own fault I didn’t get the A+ my parent wanted or accomplish my goals. As I grow up, I have learned things come and go, but family is like glue, they will never be just a memory – sisters will always be more than that.

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Amy H 6 said...

This by far was one of the funnest assignments that we did in class this year. This assignment was one of the only papers where I had the ability to express myself.